Towers Crescent Fitness Center

The Towers Crescent Fitness Center is a 100% FREE amenity to ALL Towers Crescent Tenants that is located on the A Level of 8000 Towers Crescent. The Fitness Center is an unmanned facility with electronic card access. To use the Fitness Center each individual tenant must fill out the attached waiver and return to the Management Office, and your building key fob will be programmed for access to the facility 24/7.

In addition to our locker room facility and towel services, the fitness center is outfitted with high quality Life Fitness lines of equipment:

The Integrity Series cardio equipment is known for unmatched durability and is trusted for effective workouts by world-class facilities all over the globe. New aesthetic and entertainment upgrades (iPod compatibility, integrated iPod/TV controls and 17” widescreen LCD TV on each piece of equipment) complete the Integrity Series equipment.

The Optima Series is the newest strength product line, blending reliability and high style into a wide range of compact strength equipment. This versatile equipment delivers more challenges in less space and simplifies strength training so people can meet their goals. As well as a variety of weighted dumb bells, kettle bells and medicine balls.

The management team is also pleased to announce that we have retained the services of N2Shape Fitness to provide group exercise classes and personal training services. N2Shape trainers are available to work with individuals and companies both in person and virtually.

For more information about pricing and availability contact Ellen Yates via the following channels:

Website:, Phone: (703) 906-4413, email:

Please contact the Management Office at (703) 761-7577 for more information regarding the Towers Crescent Fitness Center.

Please click here for the exercise waiver form.