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  Janitorial Services
Good housekeeping is of utmost importance to our building operations. We meet regularly with the janitorial contractor, Red Coats, to discuss performance and to address areas where improvements may be required. The building staff and manager from Red Coats also makes regular inspections to maintain the highest standards of quality.

Listed below are the minimum standards of cleaning services covered by the janitorial contract. Should there be any comments or problems with the services performed or with cleaning personnel, please contact the property management office immediately for corrective action.

Minimum Janitorial Services

Daily (Monday - Friday, except holidays)

  • Empty and re-line wastebaskets/ recycling boxes in appropriate containers
  • Vacuum carpet in all common areas, reception areas, suite corridors and other high traffic areas.
  • Wipe all counter tops and tables and clean sinks and hardware.
  • Clean and disinfect restrooms.
  • Sweep and mop tile floors, spot clean carpet.


  • Dust accessible surfaces of furniture, including desks, chairs, window ledges and artwork (within reach)
  • Clean glass in doors and partitions.


  • Wax/spray buff tile floors.
  • Dust or vacuum air vents.
  • Damp wipe and sanitize telephones.


  • Dust high ledges and moldings (requiring use of ladder).
  • Dust blinds

It would be appreciated if you would notify us immediately if there are any spills on the floors or carpets and the nature of the substance spilled. Quick attention makes a pronounced difference.

Please note the cleaners will not move paper or other materials to be cleaned, dusted, or vacuumed. Trash not left in the wastebaskets must be clearly marked “trash”: (“trash” signs are also available in Spanish from the Management Office). Desk side recycling bins must be emptied by the tenant into large suite common area containers. Cleaning dishes, plates, cups, etc., is the responsibility of the tenant. All boxes should be disposed of in the cardboard recycle container located in the loading dock. All boxes should be broken down before placing them in the designated container.

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