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Towers Crescent

  Building Rules and Regulations
    • No tenant may obstruct, encumber or use the sidewalks, entrances, passages, courts, elevators, vestibules, stairways, corridors or halls or other parts of the Building for any purpose other than ingress or egress to and from the Leased Premises. Landlord will have the right to control and operate the public portions of the Building, and the facilities furnished for the common use of the tenants, in such manner as Landlord deems best for the benefit of the tenants generally. Tenant may not permit people to visit the Leased Premises in such numbers or under such conditions as to interfere with the use and enjoyment by other tenants of the entrances, corridors, elevators and other public portions or facilities of the Building.
    • Tenant may not attach awnings or other projections to the outside walls of the Building without Landlord’s prior written consent. No drapes, blinds, shades, or screens may be attached to or hung in, or used in connection with any window or door of the Leased Premises, without Landlord’s prior written consent. Such awning, projections, curtains, blinds, screens or other fixtures must be of a quality, type, design, and color, and attached in a manner approved by Landlord.
    • Tenant will keep closed the doors leading to the corridors or main halls during business hours except as they may be used for ingress or egress. Tenant may not place any additional locks upon any doors of the Leased Premises, nor may Tenant change any existing locks or the mechanisms thereof; except that Tenant may, at its sole cost, install security locks on all entry doors and fire doors opening into the Leased Premises, and also on the doors to any offices within the Leased Premises, if Tenant at the end of the Term returns to Landlord all keys of stores, offices, storage and toilet rooms, either furnished to, or otherwise procured by Tenant, and if any keys so furnished are lost, Tenant will pay to Landlord the cost to replace. If Landlord requires, Tenant will at its sole cost remove any additional locks which it installs or causes to be installed, reinstall the original hardware, and repair to Landlord’s satisfaction any damage to doors or frames. Upon request Tenant will give access to any such locked area(s).
    • Tenant may not construct, maintain, use or operate within the Leased Premises or elsewhere in or outside of the Building, any electrical device, wiring or apparatus for a loud speaker system or other sound system unless Tenant first obtains Landlord’s prior written consent, except that this restriction will not apply to computers, radios, television sets or dictating machines, or paging systems, if such items are not audible outside of the Leased Premises. Subject to the provisions of Section 9 of the Lease, Tenant may not mark, paint, drill into or in any way deface any part of the Leased Premises or the Building. Tenant may not throw anything out of the doors or windows or down the corridors or stairs.
    • Tenant may not use or permit the use of the water and wash closets and other plumbing fixtures for any purposes other than those for which they were constructed, and no sweepings, rubbish, rags, or other substances may be thrown therein. All damages resulting from any misuse of the fixtures will be borne by Tenant, whose servants, employees, agents, visitors, or licensees caused the same.
    • No vehicles or animals of any kind (except seeing-eye dogs or similar animals providing assistance to persons with disabilities) may be brought into or kept in or about the Leased Premises or the Building, and no cooking may be done or permitted by Tenant in the Leased Premises except in kitchens constructed as part of Tenant’s Leasehold Improvements. Tenant may not cause or permit any unusual or objectionable odors to be produced upon or emanate from the Leased Premises.
    • Neither Tenant, nor any of Tenant’s servants, employees, agents, visitors or licensees may at any time bring or keep upon the Leased Premises any flammable, combustible or explosive fluid, chemical or substance, except as otherwise permitted pursuant to Section 44(a) of the Lease.
    • Canvassing, soliciting and peddling in the Building are prohibited and Tenant will cooperate to prevent the same.
    • Any person employed by Tenant to do janitorial work within the Leased Premises will obtain Landlord’s consent and such person will, while in the Building and outside the Leased Premises, comply with all instructions issued by the superintendent of the Building.
    • No hand trucks, except those equipped with rubber tires and side guards, may be used in the Leased Premises or in the public halls of the Building either by any tenant or by jobbers or others to deliver or receive merchandise.
    • Access plates to underfloor conduits must be left exposed. Where carpet is installed, carpet must be cut around access plates.
    • Tenant will adjust the thermostat, if adjustable, to the setting which uses the least amount of energy upon leaving the Leased Premises daily.
    • Mats, trash, or other objects are not permitted in the public corridors.
    • Landlord and/or its parking contractor may establish reasonable rules and regulations for the use of all parking facilities at the Property.
    • Landlord may determine when Tenant may move its property, i.e., furnishings, files, etc., into or out of the Leased Premises. Tenant will request permission from Landlord for any such move, and will abide by Landlord’s reasonable rules regarding any such move.
    • Tenant may not purchase spring water, ice, coffee, soft drinks, towels or other like service, from any company of persons whose repeated violations of Building regulations have caused, in Landlord’s opinion, a hazard or nuisance to the Building and/or its occupants.
    • Landlord reserves the right to exclude from the Building at all times any person who is not known or does not properly identify himself to the Building management or night watchman on duty. Landlord may at its option require all persons admitted to or leaving the Building between the hours of 6 p.m. and 8 a.m., Monday through Friday, and at all times on Saturday, Sundays and Holidays, to register. Tenant will be responsible for all persons for whom it authorizes entry into or exit out of the Building, and will be liable to Landlord for all acts of such persons.
    • The Leased Premises may not be used for lodging or sleeping or for any illegal purpose.
    • Landlord does not maintain suite finishes which are non-standard, such as kitchens, bathrooms, wallpaper, special lights, etc. However, should the need for repairs arise, Landlord will arrange for the work to be done at Tenant’s sole cost.
    • No auction sales may be conducted in the Building without Landlord’s consent.
    • Tenant may not use any other method of heating than that provided by Landlord without Landlord’s consent.
    • Tenant will keep window coverings closed at the appropriate time of day to prevent direct solar penetration of the Leased Premises.
    • Tenant will purchase and use chair mats to protect the carpeting under all chairs on casters used in the Leased Premises.
    • Tenant may not receive any freight, furniture or other bulky matter of any description, except at such times as reasonably approved by Landlord. All moving of furniture, material and equipment in the Building outside of the Leased Premises, including the elevators, must be with Landlord’s prior written consent and according to Landlord’s reasonable rules and instructions; however, Landlord will not be responsible for any damage to, or charges for, moving the same. Tenant will remove promptly from the public area(s) within or adjacent to the Building any of Tenant’s personal property there delivered or deposited. Landlord may prescribe the weight, method of installation, and position of safes or other heavy fixtures or equipment. Tenant will repair, at its sole cost, all damage caused to the Building by delivering, maintaining or removing any fixture or article of Tenant’s furniture or equipment.
    • No smoking is permitted in any public or common areas of the Building, including the lobby of the Building, hallways, elevators, stairwells, and public restrooms in the Building.

    • The foregoing rules and regulations shall be subject to reasonable amendments thereto, upon Landlord providing written notice thereof.
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