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  Power Failure

If power failure is limited to specific areas within your suite, contact the Property Management Office at (703) 761-7577.

Power Failure Building Wide:

Within seconds, the building emergency generator powers up emergency lighting, the fire pump, the fire panel and the elevators.

The Property Management Office will be in close contact with Virginia Power to determine the nature and anticipated length of outage. Property Management will endeavor to contact each tenant to advise them of Virginia Power's response. Most commercial telephone systems and telephone jacks require electricity to operate. We suggest that every tenant keep a residential type telephone or cellular phone available for emergency use during outages. Telephone jacks for most fax machines and computer modems are on "dedicated lines," and often are not electrically operated. If this is the case, you will be able to use you phone on this line. Please test prior to an emergency.

If Virginia Power advises that the outage will last a significant period of time, each tenant determines whether their company will wait for restoration or will evacuate. If a tenant chooses to evacuate, the stairwell must be used. Call the Property Management Office for assistance for any physically disabled persons located in your suite.

Before Power is restored:

Turn off any equipment that might be damaged by a power surge, including computers, printers, televisions and other electronics (postage machines, etc.).
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