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Towers Crescent

  Elevator Malfunction
In the event you find someone trapped in the elevator, please follow these procedures, and notify the Property Management Office as soon as possible at (703) 761-7577.
  • Communicate with trapped passengers.
  • Inform them they are safe.
  • Inform them help is in progress.
  • Instruct passengers to stand clear of door. (Do not attempt to open the doors)
  • Request number of passengers trapped.
  • Request status of passengers (any ill or hurt).
  • Ask if the lights are on.
  • Ask if they have their location ( i.e., floor number).
  • Keep passengers informed of the status of situation.
  • Inform the passengers a phone is available at the front of the elevator that will connect directly to Datawatch Systems. This phone can be used to obtain an estimated time when help will arrive if they have a medical emergency or have an urgent message to be relayed.

Please remain in the vicinity until Property Management has arrived to handle this situation.

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