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  Bomb Threat
  1. If building management receives a generalized bomb threat, meaning the threat was not specific to a location and does not have information suggesting whether the threat is factual, management will promptly inform each tenant that threat has been made. Each tenant will then have the option of deciding whether to evacuate the premises and, if the decision is to evacuate, when to return to the building.
  2. If the bomb threat is specific to an impending danger to persons or the building, management may order immediate evacuation of all or part of the building. We urge all tenants to refrain from concluding that evacuation is warranted only if management has required it. Rather, in every case each tenant should decide upon the course of action it deems appropriate.
  3. Management will, in all cases, inform the police about the threat. You should be aware however; the police are unlikely to act on the threat unless it is specific or unless they have some other reason for believing the threat is serious. Thus, police action or inaction is no guide to the seriousness of the threat or the potential danger to people in or around the building.
  4. In most circumstances, the police will search your premises if you have evacuated them and have requested a police search. If you would like a police search for your offices, we will coordinate the search with the police.
  5. We have attached guidelines for you to follow in case you receive a bomb threat. Please review and distribute to all your employees. Every employee should know after the caller hangs up, he/she should (a) use caller ID to recall number and record it, (b) notify the police by dialing "911" and (c) then notify building management.

To make this policy work, it will be important for management to contact tenant representatives who have authority to decide whether to evacuate their premises. Please update your contact information as necessary by faxing or delivering the response sheet included to the management office at (703) 761-7577 so we may know whom to call. Click here to download a Tenant Contact Information Sheet.


The safety of our tenants is of the highest priority to us. We recommend the following procedures be followed in the event a bomb threat call is received:

  • Remain calm. Attempt to obtain as much information as possible from the caller per the checklist.
  • Attempt to have the call traced before making the next call by reviewing caller ID and making a note of the number.
  • Immediately call the police (911) to report the details of the call and request they immediately send officers and bomb specialists to the building(s) address being threatened.
  • Inform the Property Management Office at 703-761-7577 providing the details of the call. Management will assess the situation and determine the best way to quickly inform the tenants and if a general evacuation is required. In most cases, each tenant will have the option of deciding whether to evacuate its premises and, if the decision is to evacuate, when to return to the building.
  • Should a general evacuation be required, no one is to reenter the building until the police have given all clear. Persons wishing to reenter the building prior to the all-clear must sign a waiver form.
  • As time permits, complete the attached checklist, and submit it to the Property Manager to assist in the police investigation.
  • Be prepared! Please take the time to train anyone who answers your organization's telephone calls on these procedures. Keep a copy close to the receptionist's phone.
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