Life Safety Systems

For your safety and well-being, Towers Crescent is equipped with the following safety features:


You will find a red pull station conveniently located by each stairwell entrance. When the pull station is activated, you will hear an audible alarm followed by a pre-recorded message instructing you to evacuate the building. The message is designed to be heard on the floor where the alarm originated, the floor above and the floor below. The alarm will also be heard in the stairways and elevators. Should you hear this alarm and message sequence, do not hesitate to evacuate the building.


Your evacuation route will lead to a fire rated stairwell. There are two (2) fire rated stairwells with access from each floor for protection while you evacuate the building (see floor plan). The stairwell doors are locked from the stairwell side for your security. Take a few minutes to learn the location of the stairwell nearest to your normal working location. You should familiarize yourself with the location of the other stairwells and how to reach them from your normal working station.


The sprinklers will automatically go off when the temperature rises above a safe limit. This will also initiate an emergency signal for other actions.


Please note that if the bells are ringing and the strobes are flashing on your floor you need to evacuate.

8000 and 8020 Towers Crescent Drive and 1850 Towers Crescent Plaza

When a floor alarm is activated, the floor above and the floor below also go into alarm. Although the bells may be heard on the other floors, tenants are only required to evacuate if the bells are ringing, and the strobes are flashing on your floor. Tenants should evacuate if they smell smoke, even if that floor is not in alarm. When in doubt. Get Out!


When a floor alarm is activated, all floors of the building go into alarm. When the bells are ringing, and the strobes are flashing on your floor tenants are required to evacuate.


A network of smoke detectors provides an early warning system for the entire building.


Each building contains a communications and control center located in the main lobby, where the Fire Chief can direct emergency operations. All alarms are displayed here, and the room is equipped with a communications system that will enable the Fire Chief to issue instructions to members of the firefighting team.

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