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  Security Awareness

Listed below are some helpful safety awareness reminders:

  • Keep purses and valuables out of sight. Do not leave purses or wallets in unattended coat pockets, on top of or under desks or in unlocked drawers.
  • Do not prop open doors leading to hallways while you run out for just a "minute." It only takes a minute for someone to get in.
  • Keep your doors locked if working after hours or if you are alone. After hours, lock the suite entrance door behind you whenever possible.
  • Do not leave packages for pick-up outside of suite entry doors.
  • All building personnel (porters, building lobby attendants, cleaners, and engineering staff) have uniforms or badges. Do not hesitate to question someone you do not recognize.
  • The building maintains a strict "NO SOLICITING" policy. If you are visited by a solicitor, please call the property management office immediately and provide a physical description of the solicitor.
  • Try to memorize a physical description of any suspicious persons; concentrate on physical attributes, not on clothing.
  • Do not attempt to apprehend or detain a suspect.
  • Request a security person to escort you to your car in the evening if you have too much to carry or are uncomfortable walking alone.
  • Make sure your car is locked and all valuables are stored in the trunk to help deter potential intruders.
  • Report all thefts immediately, no matter how small, to the Fairfax County Police and to the property management office.
  • Keep records of serial numbers of all equipment and permanently mark your Tax ID Number on all equipment. This will facilitate the return of stolen items should they be recovered.
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