All deliveries must be made through the loading dock. Deliveries will not be permitted at any time through the main lobby. 8010 deliveries may be made through the west-side corridor.

Deliveries are restricted to the service elevator only. Use of the service elevator for less than thirty (30) minutes may be accommodated during normal business hours. Day time deliveries must be no larger than can be accommodated on a two wheeled cart. Deliveries that require use of the service elevator on independent service ( e.g., furniture and office equipment) must be scheduled in advance for after hours. Please contact the property management office to coordinate use of the elevator and loading dock.

The building staff and/or concierge are not permitted to accept deliveries on behalf of tenants.

Parking for Deliveries

Short-term (30 minute maximum) parking is permitted for delivery trucks inside and outside of the loading dock area. Please remind your delivery people that they may be towed for parking longer than 30 minutes. We suggest small vehicles/cars that can fit within the parking garage, do so. The first hour of parking is free.

The freight elevators are located in the service corridor on the lobby level.

Please help us enforce these procedures by making delivery persons aware of their responsibilities.